Review Policy

This is a YA book blog, so I only review Young Adult books here. I review every YA book that I read. And it's impossible to love every single book. It is not my intention to negate any author's work; I'm just stating my own personal opinion for each book I read. I try to keep things simple and honest, though sometimes I just can't stop talking about a particular book, and my reviews can sometimes be rather long. Length of a review is no comment on how much I enjoyed a book.

I am open to review suggestions. All of the books I review have either been purchased by me (or a friend), retrieved by me on Netgalley, or received by me from an author or publishing company.

If you would like me to review your book, or if you have any questions about my review policy, please email me at:

At this time, I am mostly only accepting hard copies for review. It's getting harder for me to keep track of digital galleys sent to me and I really want to make sure that each book I receive gets read and reviewed in as timely a manner as possible.