Sunday, June 5, 2011

Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

I actually wasn’t sure if I wanted to blog about this one because I just reviewed book 1; however, I have to say something about it because I just loved it. And I just won’t give too much away if you’re planning on reading book 1 still.
The book takes place a little after the first one finishes. Remember me saying that I hoped Sophie continued to be as strong in the sequel as she was in the first one? Well, she was. She was a little whinier at the beginning of the sequel (alas some whining probably needs to happen?), but that went away once she realized all the things she had going for her and all the people she needed to help. And I loved Sophie even more when she changed her mind about something. She’s so strong in her convictions, yet also willing to hear people out and change her mind if she has to, and I love that about her.
Any way, this book mostly takes place in the countryside of England. There are demons, transportation portals, a growing relationship between Sophie and her dad (which I loved), secret meetings with the enemy/ex-love, a betrothed to deal with (apparently most witches at 13 become betrothed to someone they are allowed to turn down later, but usually don’t), prodigum dance clubs in London, trusted allies who betray Sophie, lots of prodigum versus human action scenes, and an actual reason why Sophie’s family is split. Really, I think England just makes all stories better! That and this book again is just loaded with a smorgasbord of YA creatures, themes, and just all things excellent.
Again, the story is not entirely new; it does still remind me a lot of Clauida Gray’s Evernight. Though this sequel is way better than any of Gray’s I’ve read so far. And it also kind of reminded me of the beginning of P.C. and Kristin Cast’s House of Night series, before it became bad.
Any way, don’t just read the first one. Both books in this series are great. I give this one a 9/10.  The book ends with a bang and a much more intense cliffhanger than the last one, but it is my experience with YA series that the further along they are, the more crazy the ending.
I have a feeling a lot of good books are coming my way. I’m going to Chicago’s Printer’s Row book fair today! Toward the end of June, I’m going to the annual ALA conference in New Orleans. And there’s nothing more exciting for me than new YA books!

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