Monday, December 26, 2011

Vanish by Sophie Jordan

So, I have read 100 books this year! I feel like there should be fireworks...This one is the sequel to Firelight, a book I just loved. Firelight was about a girl who was actually a dragon. Jacinda’s mother took her two twin daughters (one a draki –aka: dragon- the other not) and fled the harsh dystopian type restrictions of the their clan. Their clan is all about keeping their kind a secret, and lasting for generations. This is hard to do with hunters always on the look out. And it’s when Jacinda reluctantly flees the only home she knows (escaping a wing clipping, something that would prevent her from doing the one thing she loves most: flying) that she falls in love with the one person she shouldn’t. Will is a hunter, but he saves her life, and Jacinda in the first book, risks everything to save his.
This sequel is about Jacinda rejoining the clan after her brief “vacation.” She goes back with her mother and sister because her sister finally does become a dragon too, and the only people who can help her with her transitions are back in the clan. Their mother is punished. Jacinda is back to being pursued, rather obnoxiously, by the men of their group. And she keeps trying to let Will go.
Neither Will nor Jacinda can let the other one go, and when Will finds where Jacinda is, plans are made for another escape. Unfortunately, Jacinda is followed by a girl of her kind, and things get really crazy when Will doesn’t show up, but a large group of hunters do. There’s kidnapping, fear induced transitions, cruel leadership/dictatorship, rescue missions, flying, forced marriages, sizzling romances (including triangles, forbidden romantic meetings, and one really great kiss scene in the rain), twin storylines, searching for family members, fight scenes, and a fantastic cliffhanger at the end that promises such an adventure for book 3!
I love dragons. I love romance. I love fighting against a society that holds you back. I love stories that involve twins. And I really love strong female main characters. This book has all of these things! It also has such an interesting concept. Jacinda is not a person. She’s a dragon who can also go into human form. I found this interesting because most books are about girls who can sometimes be wolves, or who can sometimes transform. This is the opposite, and it’s not weird; it’s magical.
This book was not as surprising as the last one. It was more predictable. And a good chunk of it is about Jacinda trying to convince herself to be someone she’s not. And while reading that chunk is hard, it’s worth it to finally get to the point when she realizes she should stop pretending. She is so strong. She has a special dragon power of fire breathing (the others can’t do this), and she really loves her family.
I kind of wish the book was more action, and less planning. It took a little too long for the action to start, with a little too much of Jacinda trying to rejoin her clan, trying to love someone else, and trying to forget Will. I feel like half of this could have been taken out. Still, when the action did start, everything read really fast. There were even times where I found myself biting my nails, hoping for something not to happen. And while I always want the good guys to win, and have the main character achieve what they can, I really find myself sticking by Jacinda more so than others. She just genuinely seems to do always do the right thing, and blames herself just enough for when things go wrong.
I definitely plan on reading the third one when it comes out. I’m looking forward to seeing how things get resolved for Jacinda and Will, and also her sister and mother. I give this one a 9/10.

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