Monday, April 16, 2012

Taken at Dusk by C.C. Hunter

I actually finished this one days ago, but I have just had so much going on in my life that I haven’t actually had 20 minutes to sit at my computer at home for a long while. And doing this now, means laundry will be finished tomorrow…But any way, I bought this the day it came out (a perk of working at Barnes and Noble). And then read it as soon as I got home. I really just love how fun, easy, and fast these books by C.C. Hunter are. Really, it was read in a matter of hours. I just didn’t want to stop until I got some answers (aka: until I got to the end).
This one picks up right after book 2 finishes. All the paranormal teens are still at camp. Kylie is seeing a new ghost that keeps telling her that one will live and another will die. She’s dating Lucas in this one and I can’t help but keep comparing Lucas (sexy werewolf) to Derek the other part of the love triangle who Kylie was involved with in book 2. She’s doing a lot of comparisons herself. And while it’s clear she still has feelings for both boys, she keeps pushing away from Derek who left to do some supernatural work in book 2.
Both boys are back in this one! And I loved watching Kylie try to figure out which was the right boy for her. More than that I loved trying to figure out what Kylie was along with her. She still doesn’t know what supernatural creature group she belongs to. It begins with her meeting the adoptive parents of her dead father. And book 2 ended with the promise of some future answers. Unfortunately, the meeting with the grandparents is cut short and its determined that the old couple who seemed so sincere were actually frauds.
Kylie keeps getting taken on these visions with her ghost that involve some seriously scary captures, unwanted surgeries, and a missing baby. And this book is loaded with all the awesome supernatural elements of the earlier books. There’s werewolf politics, fairy mood altering, meeting up with people in dreams, shape-shifting friends, camp break-ins, vampire and witch roommates, and so much more! There’s also an old enemy vampire who still keeps trying to either get Kylie to join his side or kill her. And then there’s the enemy vampire’s son who thinks he’s in love with Kylie. There’s family drama, and some interesting controversy with Kylie’s best friend from home whom she cured from cancer. Kylie can heal people now. Oh, and bring dead animals back to life.
There’s more powers, more mystery, more romance, and just plain more awesome. I did not get all the answers I wanted, but by the end I did get something. And I won’t ruin anything, but know not to expect too many answers yet. I love the relationship that seems to be growing between the camp director and a certain vampire in charge. I loved all the romance in this one with Lucas!
I did feel like this one did not have a ton of action. There were some seriously scary moments in a cemetery and in a vision. But other than some visions that weren’t real, and a crazy, action-packed ending, I feel like not a lot happened plot-wise in this one. I still enjoyed it. And I loved the character development and watching Kylie figure some things out; I just feel like I need a little bit more. I give this one a 9/10. I definitely will be waiting anxiously for book 4, and getting some more answers!

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