Monday, February 29, 2016

A Good Week in Books (129)

Just as I was starting to wonder why I hadn’t received any books for review in a long time, all the books came from Macmillan. I had a nice, big box waiting on my steps when I came home today. Thank you, Macmillan. I need a bookish surprise.

Stars Above
by Marissa Meyer
Behind the Canvas by Alexander Vance
The Killing Jar by Jennifer Bosworth
I See Reality by Grace Kendall
After the Woods by Kim Savage
The Rule of Mirrors by Caragh M. O’Brien
My Second Life by Faye Bird
The Last Place on Earth by Carol Snow

How was your week in books?

1 comment:

  1. Awesome haul Nori^^ Stars Above only recently made it's way to me too but I still have yet to start it. As it was with Winter, I'm not ready to let go so I think I'll wait as long as possible before jumping in ;) I can't wait to read your thoughts on it though!! All of the rest of these are new to me I think (whaaa?!) but I hope you love them all!