Monday, June 20, 2016

A Good Week in Books (137)

I had a fun book week. I realized that Barnes and Noble was doing a teen book weekend. I had plans to stay over at a friends house, go into Boston, celebrate my college roommates 30th birthday, and then attend a barbecue (aka: not be home at all last weekend), so attending a teen book event was going to be hard…My friends are great though and agreed to go with me to teen book trivia night, despite serious hunger. We got yummy Japanese food later though.
Of course, I aced the trivia. Yes, it was amazing to have an actual outlet for all my teen book knowledge. And I’m so glad my friends were with me for moral support. Also, one of my friends (thanks, Chris!) was way better at celebrity/movie questions than I was and he helped me out. I had pretty much read all but one of the many books asked about. And I won! I won two ARC’s, some killer swag, a 20 dollar Barnes and Noble gift card, and a voucher to hook me up with more ARC’s throughout the year (starting with my choice of one of four anticipated coming out books)! I picked Gemina! And I’m flipping out about it.
The swag: (including sampler chapters, 2 tote bags, A Fierce Reads Coloring Book, stickers and more, gift card and more:

The super awesome voucher:

The books:

The Sun is Also a Star
by Nicola Yoon (!!!!)
Kids of Appetite by David Arnold

Thanks for all this, Barnes and Noble! How was your week in books?

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  1. YES to GEMINA!!! Oh and congrats on all the fab swag my friend :D Enjoy^^