Monday, August 14, 2017

A Good Week in Books (169)

I have one more week of craziness at work, and then things can back to a more a normal schedule. And hopefully, I can back into a more regular reading schedule. I did read one contemporary romance this week. And I finished my sci-fi audio book. I’ll be done with an ARC of Kristin Cashore’s latest soon. I didn’t exactly receive or purchase any new books this week. However, I did pick up some other awesomely geeky things from Boston Comic Con, one of which includes a signed comic book.  So, I thought I’d share.
My Comic Con treasures (minus some presents for people I can’t risk them seeing):

2 TeeTurtle T-shirts (one Harry Potter related)
1 Signed Buffy combicbook
1 Diagon Alley poster
1 Ask Us About Our Feminist Agenda poster
1 Kiki’s Delivery Service mashed up with Harry Potter poster
1 Spike (from Buffy) poster
1 mini TeeTurtle dinosaur poster (free with shirts)
1 pair of Lego Ron and Lego Hermione earrings
At the con, I met and talked with a lot of cool people, saw some awesome cosplay, and went to some seriously cool and Geeky Panels (one with Sailor Jupiter, one with Anthony Daniels –aka: C-3PO, and one with Eliza Dushku from Buffy/Angel/Doll House/etc). Needless to say, a fun weekend was had.  On to my last crazy Summer Reading week.
How was your week in books?

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  1. LOOOOVE the T-shirts and Diagon Alley poster especially but man this is some sweet look overall :D Comic Con is literally THE dream for my geeky self...I hope I can attend one day but I'm glad that you got to this year! xx