Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meeting Lauren Kate

What did I do yesterday on my day off from the bookstore? I went to the bookstore of course, to meet Lauren Kate and get her latest book signed!
I sort of realized I’m a little behind in my Lauren Kate reading. I own all her books, but I don’t think I’ve read them all. There are two I need to read…But that’s okay. I will get to them. A) Her covers are just too pretty, B) The romance in them is so addicting, and C) Lauren Kate, herself, is just so awesome.
I loved getting a chance to hear what inspired her, how her writing process works, and what it feels like to be done with a whole YA series. She mentioned a new book she was working on (separate from this series) and I’m excited to see what else Lauren Kate will write! She was just such a fun person to listen to. You could tell that she is one of those lucky people who just loves what they get paid to do.
I also loved how focused her fans were. I swear it was the quietest line I ever waited in, to get a book signed. All the girls in front of me and behind me were focused on what Lauren Kate was saying to each individual. At first this weirded me out a little. But, then I joined in and learned that movie rights were released for Fallen!
I have to give points to Barnes and Noble for just being so awesome and having another fantastic signing. I’m glad I spent my time off there.
Picture time! Here’s one of me with Lauren Kate!

And here’s my signed copy of Rapture!


  1. Wow that is awesome you are very lucky!

    1. Thanks. She was just the sweetest person. I love meeting authors. I wish there were more YA author things soon!