Monday, August 27, 2012

Supernaturally by Kiersten White

I seriously need to catch up on my reviews. I read this one 3 books ago! And I read it super fast because as I’m coming to realize, Kiersten White is a comic YA genius. Evie is just so sarcastic. She’s sarcastic in a way that makes fun of other people and herself, and I love a character that can both laugh at herself and kick some serious evil, supernatural butt. Really, Evie is just so much fun to read about; she’s so much like Buffy, and I’m glad!
I actually have an ARC of this book even though it came out a year ago. I got this book before I read the first one. The ARC was available at a library conference and I knew that I would have to one day read book 1. And I must say, I’m a smart lady! I have some serious reading deadlines to work with, but will get to book 3 shortly. I don’t know how much longer I can be me and not read book 3 though.
This book had a little less action than book 1. So, long story short, there was no evil twin talking Evie into stealing souls, and no mass supernatural serial killings. However, book 2 is anything but boring. Evie finally gets what she wants: a relatively normal/high school attending life. Lend (her shifter boyfriend) is in college, while Evie finishes up high school. She has a locker, a best friend that’s human, another best friend/roommate that’s a vampire, a job working in a diner, and a super hot boyfriend to make out with on weekends. It’s everything she always wanted, except it’s not quite enough.
Luckily for Evie, her old friend/mother figure, Raquel, comes back into her life and offers her another part-time job helping humankind and working with a new and improved IPCA that apparently doesn’t think all supernaturals are pure evil any more, except fairies, which now aren’t that involved with IPCA at all. Evie takes the job, lying to Lend about it because he really doesn’t want her involved with IPCA. She partners with Jack, a teen boy brought up by fairies and who has the ability to create his own fairy doors and paths, allowing Evie to go on missions without her creepy fairy ex-boyfriend.
Evie keeps finding herself in seriously doomed, supernatural situations. She also keeps lying to Lend about what’s she doing. She starts acting more like her fun-loving self a bit with Jack, taking adventures in the land of the fey. But of course all of her trust issues seriously blow up in her face. Serious answers are had, vampires captured, and just when I thought I could not be surprised in any YA paranormal ever again, there was actually a twist in this book that I did not see coming! I knew all the supernatural creatures coming for Evie and sparking a need in her to use her creepy soul-stealing powers was no coincidence, but I had no idea what was actually happening!
It’s clear what type of person Evie is by the end. It’s so hard for her to keep her powers in check, but she desperately does and she makes a decision regarding fairies that I found rather noble. There’s romance, normal high school dramas, supernatural part time jobs that make the part time jobs I had as a teenager seem utterly boring, a lot of information about fairies, and so many fun, awesome characters!
The one thing I didn’t like was the need Evie had to lie to her boyfriend. I don’t understand how she could have gone through all that she did in book 1, and still feel like she couldn’t trust him. And I seriously don’t know (if I were Lend) if I’d be able to forgive her.
I have an inkling of an idea for what book 3 will be like and I hope I’m right because I think it will be awesome! I can’t wait to read more. I love Evie, I love the sarcasm, I love the other characters, and I love all the different paranormal elements of the book. Hopefully, book 3 will have more trust and a little bit more action/butt-kicking. This one gets a 9/10.

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  1. I didn't love this as much as you did (no surprise there, lol), but I do really like Kiersten White. She seriously is so funny. :)

    Since you like these, you should REALLY read Cara Lynn Shultz.