Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Whispers at Moonrise by C.C. Hunter

So, I am beyond hooked on this series. I’ve been a little disappointed with the last couple of books in the series though because I keep feeling like not much happens. All the answers just keep being pushed further and further out of reach. And I keep telling myself I’m going to stop reading these books unless I get some answers. I somehow always manage to forget that I tell myself this because I keep buying them and I keep reading these books front to cover in one sitting.
And I am so glad I kept forgetting to stop reading these books because finally, there are some answers!!!! (Technically, there was the start of an answer at the end of the last one).
Besides the constant need of some resolution somewhere, these books have always managed to be fun. There’s always a ghost that needs help, there’s always drama with all of the supernatural teens living together in one camp, there’s usually a threat to the camp itself, plenty of action, and a fantastic love triangle to boot. So, I guess I can tell why I keep with them…
This one doesn’t disappoint with all of these usual good things. However, the ghost that keeps popping up is Holiday’s and the camp leader is still alive. There’s a lot of information about Holiday’s past in this one (though there’s still one big mystery there), and of course there’s a building relationship between Holiday and a certain vampire! I was really excited about this part.
But besides seeing the ghost of the person she trusts most in the world, Kylie is now also aware (kind of) of what she is. She meets up with her relatives in the woods even though she’s not supposed to go off to the woods on her own because there is still an evil vampire who wants her. Part of being what she is (which is mentioned on page 1), involves being able to switch brain patterns from one supernatural creature to the next. Her friends think she’s a vampire, and then they think she’s a witch, and then they think she’s a fairy, etc.
And just because she isn’t 100% werewolf stuff is super complicated with her boyfriend, Lucas. Lucas is sinking further and further into wolf politics. He wants to make his way to the top of the wolf food chain, because once he becomes a leader, he thinks he can change things for the better. However, part of making his way up the respectable wolf ladder involves playing down his and Kylie’s relationship. And meanwhile, Derek, the other boy who loves her, has actually announced his love for Kylie and is just waiting for her to get over her not so present boyfriend.
But, as the book goes on, it does become more and more clear that Kylie loves Lucas more. While figuring out the murders of several young women, learning about Holiday’s past, and dealing with her rare supernatural abilities, Kylie has a lot to work on in the love department, too. This book is loaded with love triangle goodness. And I love that Kylie is beginning to learn how to work with what she gets.
The side characters in these books are always so good! I love the boys. I love the family messes. I love that there is a lot of normal life stuff that happens between all the supernatural life stuff. For instance, the scene where Kylie’s mother comes to visit with her new boyfriend is just priceless! I was laughing out loud. I also love how much Kylie always puts others before herself, and genuinely wants to help people.
What I’m getting a little tired of is: Kylie’s complaints. Yeah, she has a lot going on and yeah, there are some things that stink, but still…She has more powers than anyone! She has so much to learn and experiment with and never ever seems wanting to learn and grow…I want less complaining and more power-growing! What can’t this girl do? Seriously, I don’t know. I wish she was just a little bit excited about her abilities and a little less whiny.
Overall, I was still thoroughly addicted to this book. I’m attached to all the characters. And I am so glad there were some more answers given. I look forward to the next book in the series! This one ends with the biggest cliffhanger ever! And Kylie is so not in a good place mentally, so come on and hurry up, book 5! I give this one an 8/10.

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