Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Good Week in Books (93)

So, I had a rather uneventful book week. I did purchase two new books that are oh so pretty. But, I haven’t even finished reading one book this week! The book I’m reading now is super amazing, and I think it’s actually one of my favorite books of the year, but my mind is not focusing. My mind is on the novel I’m writing. I’m kind of dreading not finishing it by the end of November. I just hit 30,000 words this morning. And I kind of have 20,000 more words to write in a week…What am I thinking? I’m still trying to read 100 books this year for my Goodreads challenge, and I’m a little afraid of not finishing all these challenges.
On the plus side, I’m writing a YA book that I’m a little bit proud of. And even if I don’t finish it in 7 days (though, I will try!), I will definitely finish it soon at the crazy rate I have been writing it. When I’m not focusing and not reading all the YA books like I normally would, I am in book zone, thinking about my characters.
Any way, challenge worries aside, these are the lovely books I purchased and that I just cannot wait to get started on:

The Bane Chronicles
by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Maureen Johnson
The Body Electric by Beth Revis
How was your book week?

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