Monday, January 23, 2017

A Good Week in Books (151)

I had a very nice book week, if I say so myself. For starters my mini Amazon splurge finally came! A package that was supposed to come in 2 days, took almost 2 weeks. I had to complain and request a new order be sent (for free) and Amazon then asked me to return the first order when it came in…That first order just mysteriously disappeared, though I was able to track it to my local post office. I never got it. Book shipment mystery aside, I also had a wonderful opportunity to meet the author of one of my favorite books of the year, this week. My library has been doing a lot of programming this month centered on our “One Book One Town,” which is Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk. And Lauren came to speak at my library!
I of course picked up a book for her to sign. She was a wonderful speaker and I remember feeling so uplifted from her talk that had a lot to do with standing up to bullies. Also, I have to note that Wolf Hollow, as of today, is a 2017 Newbery Honor! Yay, Lauren Wolk!
The pretties:

The Immortal Heights
by Sherry Thomas
The Perilous Sea
by Sherry Thomas
Persuasion by Martina Boone
Illusion by Martina Boone
Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

How was your week in books?

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  1. I can't wait to see how you do with the rest of the Sherry Thomas series - it'll probably be the kick in the pants I need to continue the series myself XD Happy reading Nori! ♥