Friday, March 22, 2013

Dark Star by Bethany Frenette

First, I need to comment on this absolutely gorgeous cover! The panoramic view of the city, (which we learn is Minneapolis) is so gorgeous and it continues on to the back cover as well. Plus, isn’t it perfect for a book about superheroes?
Audrey has grown up believing in super heroes. For starters, her mom is the famous Morning Star. And second, Audrey has a trick or two up her sleeves as well. As her grandma put it, she has a knowing. She can read people, situations, and cards better than most people. It doesn’t always work the same way, but when she gets a knowing for something, she’s usually right.
She has two best friends: Gideon (who knows all her secrets) and Tink (who doesn’t like to talk about weird things). The book pretty much begins when Audrey’s mom explains that Leon, her “side-kick” will be moving in with them. Leon has always had a knack for both protecting Audrey and annoying the hell out of her. But, Audrey can tell that something is up. Something big is going down in Minneapolis if her mom feels the need for Leon to move in.
Meanwhile, teen girls are disappearing and turning up dead. Audrey just knows everything is connected. After following her knowing instincts and repeatedly putting herself in danger, her mom finally starts to realize that it might be safer for Audrey if she knew more about who she is. Audrey meets family members she never knew she had, gets some history lessons about the Kin (people born with supernatural abilities like her and her mother), and the Harrowers (aka: demons) who take up most of her super mom’s and other Kin’s fighting time.
There’s all the normal, fun teen stuff: like dance clubs, Halloween parties, best friends, and movie nights. And then there’s all the demon fighting, back-stabbing, plot twists, and card readings that make this book so much more fun! Everything kind of ends with a big betrayal, secrets unleashed, and a seriously tough decision for Audrey.
This was such a fun book! It kind of reminded me of X-Men mixed with the show, The Nine Lives of Chloe King. There is so much kid power here! Kids seem to develop their abilities at different times, and only some of them get “called” to do what Audrey’s mom does, but everything happens for them all so young! I love the secret society/Kin thing. I loved learning about Harrowers and how the Kin have been dealing with them.
Some of this book was a little predictable. What superhero story isn’t though? Did I guess the whole family drama thing with her dad at the very beginning? Yes. Did I guess the twist early on? Yes. But, I still had a ball reading it. Really, the characters, the sarcasm, the witty banter between Audrey and Leon, the best friend time, and all of the normal teen stuff just made this book so much fun, and so much more than a normal cliché super hero story.
There is still a lot left unanswered. The author never said who a certain person the demons are looking for, actually is…Though I have a guess. I want to know more about Audrey’s powers. I want more time with Leon! And I want some things with her mother resolved! There will be a sequel out later this year though, and I have a feeling none of these things will be left unresolved for long. I give this one a 9/10. I really had so much fun reading it. And I cannot wait for book 2 to come out.


  1. Did you see that they changed the cover for the paperback? They basically zoomed in and I don't like it nearly so much. :(

    I really enjoyed this, though I was NOT pleased about the twist. I wanted a nice simple superhero book. Oh well. Still excited for book two.

  2. Though Dark Star is intended for ages 12 and up, I would say it's written with wording and content suitable for children even a bit younger--especially if that child is one of those insatiable readers who's worked her way through all the books for her age.

    Cath Brookes
    Must see Deliverance from Addiction